With a close knit team of designers and product developers we maintain strong relations with our factories and textile processing facilities to ensure maximum quality among all brands.

Branding & Marketing

Powerful branding distinguishes our brands from our top competitors with  compelling brand identities in order to reach a broader market. Each brand is unique and tailored to a specific audience.


Retail & Wholesale SALES

With a nationwide sales team, yearly tradeshow attendances and region markets, Z Supply, LLC. has a wide range of distribution, focusing primarily on specialty boutiques and small chains. 



Our team at Z SUPPLY believes that simplicity, comfort and style should coexist in every closet so we designed a line of easygoing essentials to seamlessly intermix with any wardrobe. To achieve this, we start at the beginning of the process with the finest quality fabrics – blends of soft and subtle threads that are treated with special dyes and washes. Close relations with our factory and dye houses allow us to control and ensure superior quality, while creating exclusive washes that make each garment customized and unique. With signature dyes and fabrics that are ultra soft, our pieces easily become closet staples. 


After three years of creating that for women, it only made sense for us to offer that simple luxury to men as well. So our designers created a line of easygoing essentials to intermix with any man's wardrobe. Laid-back and relaxed, these basics hold the secret to looking modern and effortlessly stylish while offering superior quality.





Inspired by American cities just off the beaten path and their trend-setting residents, White Crow’s collection is comprised of soft flannels, dip-dyed and lace accented plaids, novelty prints, and vintage inspired jackets.





Black Swan is for the refined, romantic woman who effortlessly blends her laid-back aesthetic with her busy city life.  Intricate details and feminine silhouettes, this collection offers an array of options from day to night.





Inspired by carefree, coastal vibes, others follow is a unique young woman's wear brand designed to bring out the spontaneous spirit in us all.  The heart of the collection is in the coast, giving each garment a playful, sun-kissed spirit. From free flowing tanks to cool festival favorites, each piece is versatile enough to go with you on any adventure.





The essence of Rag Poets embodies the idea that clothing should not be limited to one season or trend. Timeless aesthetics, casually simplistic designs and a concept rooted in the classics, Rag Poets collection is sure to become a go-to for the casual yet cool woman.





Icons of Culture is a premium, limited edition collection of custom-made apparel and accessories, with a focus on reintroducing a new audience of consumers to iconic people, places, names, and products through never-before-seen, hard-to-find, and quintessentially classic imagery.

Designed and made with the highest quality fabrics, washes, and finishes, Icons of Culture creates collectible pieces that hold sentimental value, leaving customers with the feeling they should not only keep it forever, but collect each design they connect with. The collection will be sold in better specialty stores nationwide.